Friday, January 2, 2009

Garry will back DiMasi

The 186th session of the Massachusetts General Court begins on Wednesday and Sal DiMasi is expected to be re-elected as Speaker of the House. Rep. Colleen Garry has said that she will vote for him despite the ethical problems swirling around him. The Lowell Sun wrote:

Rep. Colleen Garry, D-Dracut, said DiMasi deserves her support because she knows of nothing concrete that he did wrong.

"I think that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in this country, and nothing has been proven against him at this point," Garry said.

She also said she was not worried that the allegations against DiMasi would distract the Legislature from tackling tough issues in the year ahead to confront the economic woes plaguing the state.

"Since I've been there, we've had three speakers go through investigations and we've been able to keep our focus and get our work done," Garry said.
Garry was elected in 1995 so the three speakers she is referring to are the last three, DiMasi (2004-present), Tom Finneran (1996-2004), and Charles Flaherty (1991-1996). Not a good track record as of late for speakers!

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Anonymous said...

This, while not surprising, is very disappointing. These politicians will continue to support their shady colleagues right up until the time the FBI issues the damning evidence. Then they get all indignant and try to walk back their support.
Obama supported Blago.
Deval supported Wilkerson.
Garry was tight with Finnernan and now DiMasi.