Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meetings this week

November 17 (Updated: School Committe is not meeting this week, thanks to Shawn for the heads up!)
School Site Council: 3:00pm, Lakeview Junior High School
Affordable Housing Partnership: 5:30pm, Dracut Historical Society

November 18
Community Preservation Committee: 7:00pm, Harmony Hall

November 19
Conservation Commission: 7:15pm, Harmony Hall
Historical Commission: 7:00pm, Historical Society Building

November 20
Sewer Commission Meeting: 6:00pm, Dracut High School


Shawn said...

The School Department website says that they are meeting next week, where did you hear that they are meeting this week?

I may have to change some plans.. lol

Brian Flaherty said...

Whoops, thanks for reminding me! My mistake